To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Victorinox Swiss Army, a watch designed to celebrate this occasion. The INOX, is an exceptional watch, demonstrating a level of robustness never before achieved in watchmaking. Designed to withstand unusual stress, it has passed a ruthless battery of 130 strength tests. Some of these tests were so insane they merit a special mention: 8 tons compression under a hydraulic press; INOX can also resist being driven over by a vehicle weighing up to 64 tons and temperature shocks from -57 to +71 Celsius. A fall of 10 metres onto concrete, the same as being dropped from a third floor window. Frozen in an ice cube for 168 hours. Two hours in a washing machine at 90 degrees with full spin cycle.

Most of these tests would not come into play during most peoples day to day life but if you are looking for a super robust watch that is versatile then the INOX is your companion for life. This watch has removable cardinal points rubber bumper and a  stainless steel bracelet

Case Width: 43mm

3 Year Guarantee

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Stainless Steel

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Bracelet / Strap



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Quartz "Battery"