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Anniversary Ideas

The following list of anniversary numbers and materials is far too often just associated with wedding anniversaries. However, they apply equally to any anniversary, from a person’s birthday to the age of a company. Thus ruby jewellery is now often given to a woman on her 40th birthday and some firms give their employees a small silver gift after 25 years of service.

Only some of the materials listed have obvious connections with jewellery, but with imagination a suitable gifts can be found in almost any category (some examples are given).

1st Paper 

Perhaps a gift voucher, gift vouchers are available from store to any value, or a piece of jewellery that comes with a paper guarantee or certificate, such as a watch or a nice diamond. 

2nd Cotton

Not easy this, sorry nothing we can think of from our stock! We do stock Silver & Jewellery cleaning cloths made of cotton....may not go down so well. 

3rd Leather

Many watches come with leather strap options. 

4th Fruit

Silver fruit bowl, or servers or spoons, or a pendant or brooch in a fruit shape.

5th Wood

Many watches come in Wooden gift cases. We also stock silver wine bottle coasters which have a wooden base.

6th Confectionery

Perhaps a silver sweet dish or a sugar caster, bowl or tongs.

7th Copper

Rose Gold Jewellery uses Copper along with the gold to create it's beautiful pink colour. 

8th Bronze

Sorry nothing we can think of from our stock!

9th Pottery

Sorry nothing we can think of from our stock but perhaps take a look at our favorite Finish designer at 

10th Tin/Pewter

Generally in store we stock Pewter gift items such as Tankards.

11th Steel

Stainless-steel watches and our range of steel jewellery from Unique London.

12th Silk

13th Coral/Jade

Rings or Earrings set with either, or perhaps beads.

14th Ivory

Ivory was the traditional gift, but its trade is now restricted by international treaty.

15th Crystal

We have lead crystal decanters or a watch with a sapphire crystal glass.

20th China

See 9th anniversary.

25th Silver

An easy one! Jewellery Watches, Picture Frames, Antique Silver are just a few possibilities.

30th Pearl

Earrings or the English lady’s favourite, a row of pearls. Take a look at our pearl jewellery from Jersey Pearl. 

35th Platinum

The most precious of precious metals, take a look at what we have to offer and filter your selection by selecting Platinum.

40th Ruby

Tradition has it that it is a ruby ring, but how about a pendant or some earrings or a beautiful multi faceted ruby necklace.

45th Sapphire

It doesn’t have to be blue, Sapphire comes in all shades except red. We often have Pink Sapphires along side fine quality Ceylon Blue Sapphires in stock.

50th Gold

A huge choice, Earrings, Brooches, Pendants, Rings, Necklets and Watches to name but a few.

55th Emerald

Take a look at our Emerald Rings or we have natural Emerald bead necklaces. If you don’t like emeralds? What about an emerald cut diamond, that way you can get a special diamond five years early!

60th Diamond

We have a huge choice of diamond set jewellery or if you prefer a watch instead we often have ladies watches with diamond set dials or bezels.

65th or 70th

There are no official 65th or 70th anniversary gifts, but diamonds have been suggested!