Victorinox I.N.O.X Steel Bracelet Watch 241723.1


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To celebrate the 130th anniversary of Victorinox Swiss Army, a watch designed to celebrate this occasion.The INOX, is an exceptional watch, demonstrating a level of robustness never before achieved in watchmaking. Designed to withstand unusual stress, it has passed a ruthless battery of 130 strength tests.Some of these tests were so insane they merit a special mention:8 tons compression under a hydraulic press; INOX can also resist being driven over by a vehicle weighing up to 64 tons.temperature shocks from -57 to +71 Celsius.A fall of 10 metres onto concrete, the same as being dropped from a third floor window.Frozen in an ice cube for 168 hours.Two hours in a washing machine at 90 degrees with full spin cycle.Most of these tests would not come into play during most peoples day to day life but if you are looking for a super robust watch that is versatile then the INOX is your companion for life.Case Width: 43mmStainless Steel BraceletVictorinox 3 Year GuaranteeBoxed